Avoiding Big Dental Costs

Whoever warned against being "penny wise and pound foolish" must have been thinking of times like these. When the economy is just limping along (and dollars are tight at home) it's natural to look for ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Too often, cutting back on today's unnecessary expense leads to far greater costs just a ways down the road. And that's especially true of dental care.

Of course, your dental practitioner recognizes that every household economy goes through its own ups and downs. But they also believe that maintaining a high level of health is the cheapest form of insurance. So they'll work with you to get the dental care you need, and information on dental financing - when you need it.

When you wait too long, a lot can happen.

  • Gum problems don't hurt at first, so you may not even know you have disease lurking. And periodontitis can flare up despite conscientious home hygiene.
  • Old fillings can leak at the margins where filling and tooth meet, inviting decay under a filling. If you let it go, it's crown time.
  • A fractured tooth is often invisible and may require a root canal to save it. Waiting for it to heal usually results in dental bridges.
  • If you're missing a tooth, your neighboring teeth will grow disrupted and loose.
  • Topical fluorides and sealants are a good idea for children - even adults.
  • Early orthodontics can save you a bundle later on.

Another wise philosopher pointed out, "There's a time in the life of every problem when it's large enough to seeā€¦and small enough to solve." It might be a good idea to look into dental financing. By catching dental problems before they grow, you'll be spared both money and discomfort in the long run.

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