Dental Implants: Spare Parts, Small Miracles

In spite of the tremendous reduction in dental cavities in the past 20 years, a missing tooth or teeth remain a problem in the adult population. The sheer numbers of tooth loss in people over 35 indicate many of us could benefit from dental implants.

Tooth implants have been part of many dentist practices for over 20 years. The success rate has been, and continues to be, over 95 percent.

Many people are now considering using implants to replace one tooth, or all their missing teeth. Many adults with missing teeth have partial or complete dentures and bridges, and they work fine.

However, conventional prostheses may not do for everyone - the patient may have trouble with a removable denture or is otherwise unable to chew. These are the very people who could stand to benefit most from as a few as two teeth implants.

How does the dental implant procedure work?

A root-form tooth implant is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone. After a healing period of a few months, posts are attached to each implant. Then a fixed bridge or overdenture is placed - the business end of the implant. Only the tooth part is visible.

For certain people, a single tooth replacement to bridge a gap is called for. Another patient might want to stabilize a lower denture.

The procedure is no more uncomfortable to the patient than a simple tooth extraction.

The success of the new dental implants is due to osseointegration, the meshing of implant and bone. The properties of the implant are such that a chemical and mechanical bond is formed. The jawbone actually grows into the implant. This contributes to the stability and comfort of the implant - and a patient rediscovering the joys of steak and fresh apples.

Give your dental implant dentist a call. Or find one using our search form above. Tooth implants might work for you.

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